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Business Development

Partner with a Proven Leader.

The HSSI offers a compelling business opportunity to health, safety and medical institutions and entrepreneurs wishing to take the first steps on a journey that's limited only by their own ambition. This business presents a low-cost franchise that's loaded with truly great benefits for you. It is the opportunity to own and operate a business that provides much more than a service but integrated training solutions.

Your success is our success .

Our partnership models include not only branding but a comprehensive training including franchise orientation, product and sales training, and administrative training, in addition to the academic training. Our manuals provide a complete guide to the proven-successful HSSI system. HSSI also provides strategic guidance on marketing and customer relations to ensure a high level of quality and support your success. 

A solid investment for the right entrepreneur.

The HSSI seeks a partner who has proven business experience and strong knowledge of the local market, has sufficient financial resources and is fluent in the local language and business culture. A strong customer orientation and ability to master sophisticated operating systems are also necessary, as is an interest in the HSSI brand. 

If you already own and operate a health sciences or safety institute, NHC offers a selective conversion program for you to enter our global network of learning providers.

10 Reason's Why Choosing Us

  1. Recognized Credentials
  2. Varied Programs
  3. Sound Methodologies
  4. Cutomer-Orientation Approach
  5. Integrated Partnership Kit
  6. Comprehensive Training
  7. Ongoing Support
  8. Minimal Cost
  9. High Profit
  10. Rapid Growth


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